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Welcome to La Michoacana Dulce Passion
located in beautiful Uptown Sedona, Arizona 🍦

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A Little Taste of Mexico Brought to Sedona, Arizona

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La Michoacana Dulce Passion

Welcome to the heart of La Michoacana Dulce Passion - an oasis of authentic Michoacán flavors right here in Sedona. With every bite and every sip, we promise an enchanting voyage to the vibrant lands of Michoacán.

Anchored by the Leal family, our story has been deeply interwoven with Sedona's tapestry for over 25 years. Michoacán, our ancestral home, is a symphony of delicious wonders, cultural richness, and a plethora of nature's finest fruits. This is a land where life's rhythms are set to stories of time-honored traditions and culinary legacies.

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Sedona Ice Cream Shop

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Authentic Mexican Flavors

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Cream Smear

"Best popsicles we’ve had in our lives- the flavor is so intense and delicious. Our favorites are the passion fruit and guava popsicles- but the ice cream of both flavors were a close second."

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